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Re: DocView now supports OpenDocument & MS Office formats

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: DocView now supports OpenDocument & MS Office formats
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2011 15:14:41 +0100
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CHENG Gao <address@hidden> writes:


>> People who want to use ODF need to install OpenOffice anyway,
>> so I am not sure this is a terrible problem.
> Some developers of OO were not happy with Oracle dictatorship, so they
> forked out to set up a community driven LibreOffice[1].  Maybe Emacs
> team could take a look at this site and decide if they should be
> mentioned instead of / alongside OO.

Sadly, LibreOffice currently only provides RPM and DEB binaries, so I
couldn't install and test-drive it on my Gentoo GNU/Linux box.  But I
had a look at LibreOffice's Git repository.  That also contains the UNO
API including the python bindings.  So I'm pretty sure that DocView
works as good with LibreOffice as it does with OpenOffice.


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