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some bzrmerge.el questions

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: some bzrmerge.el questions
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 15:29:42 -0500
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bzrmerge.el looks very helpful. Some questions:

1) Can I use it with bound branches? (It seems so, I just want to check.)

2) Say there are 20 revisions to merge, and revision 10 is one to skip.
What seems to happen is, it merges revisions 1-9, then stops.
(Maybe it only stopped because there were conflicts?)

This is fine. After dealing with any conflicts, should I run bzrmerge
again to get revisions 11-20, and then commit everything at once; or
should I commit in the middle, before merging 11-20? (Maybe bzr won't
let me do it the wrong way.)

3) Is there a way I can manually specify a revision(s) to skip?
Eg if someone did not use the appropriate magic word(s) in the commit

4) What is the right thing to do if a change is going to have to be
substantially rewritten in order to merge? Eg changing a different
file to the original change? Should one fix it all up before
committing the merge; or commit the merge (with conflicts resolved at
least), then make a separate normal commit to implement the feature;
or does one totally skip merging the relevant commit, and do it by
hand as a new commit? The last two options seem nicer because the
person doing the merge can ask the person who made the original commit
to fix it.

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