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RE: Bikeshedding go! Why is <M-f4> unbound?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Bikeshedding go! Why is <M-f4> unbound?
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 14:18:50 -0800

What is the reason for Emacs to bind Alt-f4 (or M-f4) to behavior that agrees
with what Alt-f4 does outside Emacs?

Is the reason for this (a) user convenience?  Or is it (b) because with some
window mgrs we _cannot_ do otherwise (they always grab Alt-f4)?

If the latter (b) is the only reason, then I don't see that as a good reason to
force the same restriction on Emacs when used with other window mgrs that do not
grab it.  If Gnome and KDE forced Emacs to paint everything bright yellow, would
we think it's appropriate to force the same thing on all other platforms?

If the reason is instead for user convenience (a), so the same key does the same
thing inside and outside Emacs, then why stop with this key?  There are lots and
lots of other window-mgr keys that we could force upon Emacs as default bindings
- for similar "user convenience".  Shall we do them all?

Emacs already has its own keys to delete frames and kill Emacs.  Unless the
window mgr forces Alt-f4 upon Emacs, so there is no alternative, I don't see why
we should create a default binding in Emacs to match the window-mgr binding.

Just what is the real rationale behind this move?  Let's be clear, please.

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