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RE: Bikeshedding go! Why is <M-f4> unbound?

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: RE: Bikeshedding go! Why is <M-f4> unbound?
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 13:06:38 +0900

Drew Adams writes:

 > If key Alt-f4 is unbound and in `w32-passthrough-events' then Windows users 
 > who
 > are Emacs newbies will not be surprised, but Emacs users will be surprised.  
 > If
 > it is bound or it is not in `w32-passthrough-events' then Windows newbies to
 > Emacs will be surprised, but Emacs users will not be surprised.

Sure, but surprising Emacs users doesn't matter much because *the key
is normally unbound*, and therefore they won't be stroking it.  No
blood, no foul, play on.  Surprising Windows users does matter because
*the key is normally bound*, and those who use that shortcut will be
mightily annoyed.

 > What is the "least surprise" for our users?  Does it mean preferentially (a)
 > Windows users while learning Emacs or (b) most Emacs users most of the time? 
 >  We
 > can disagree.

Sure, you can disgree, but in the case of "keys that Emacs doesn't
bind" the logic above seems pretty compelling to me.  Unless your goal
is to cause as much pain for newbies as possible as long as it doesn't
also cause pain for old farts (of whatever age)?  That seems perverse
to me, though.

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