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Re: Still unable to build trunk

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Still unable to build trunk
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 20:01:32 -0500
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>> It sounds harsh to me to ask every one who builds out of VCS to have
>> to climb such a steep curve.
> I dunno, I just started doing some Emacs development after
> about five years' absence, and it was a pretty steep learning
> curve for me.

We decided a long time ago that it should be possible to build Emacs
from the VCS without autotools.  While I don't like having `configure'
and other auto-generated files under the control of the VCS, we've
learned to live with it and some of those files are related to bootstrap
rather than to autotools, so even if we change the decision, we'll still
be left with such files.
IOW, we still wantfor people to be able to build Emacs from the VCS
without needing autotools.  If that means keeping aclocal.m4 under the
control of Bzr, then so be it.

> For example, nowhere is it stated that one really should use the
> obsolescent Python version 2.6.6, and that the current Python versions
> 2.7.1 and 3.1.3 do not work well with the current bzr version.  I had
> to find that out myself, the hard way, by making hard-to-diagnose
> screwups.

That's because noone knows that: the python mode is poorly maintained.


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