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Re: Still unable to build trunk

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Still unable to build trunk
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 03:48:10 -0500
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[ removed bug-gnulib, don't think this is relevant to them ]

Stefan Monnier wrote:

> We decided a long time ago that it should be possible to build Emacs
> from the VCS without autotools.

Do you have a pointer to this discussion?

In any case, I hope you will reconsider this old decision, since the
arguments for changing this have been well made in this thread, IMO.

> While I don't like having `configure' and other auto-generated files
> under the control of the VCS, we've learned to live with it and some
> of those files are related to bootstrap rather than to autotools, so
> even if we change the decision, we'll still be left with such files.

I guess you mean ldefs-boot, cl-loaddefs etc. These don't seem to have
much bearing on the current question to me. Just because you can't get
rid of ALL generated files doesn't mean you should not get rid of
SOME, starting with the easiest. Especially if you find yourself
having to add more and more of a given class.

(FWIW, one of the systems I regularly build Emacs on has too old a
version of autoconf etc installed. I had no problem installing newer
versions of those tools for my own use.)

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