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Re: emacs hangs when changing network while sleeping

From: Rémi Letot
Subject: Re: emacs hangs when changing network while sleeping
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 17:27:50 +0100
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Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>> This happens for me too. I have the following workaround script.
>> Basically it finds the ip of an open nntp session that is hanging due to
>> local interface change, and makes a dummy lookalike interface on the
>> loopback interface. Emacs is then able to determine that the interface
>> is dead and can recover. 
>> #/bin/sh
>> `lsof -n|grep emacs|grep nntp|sed "s/.*TCP\ \\([^:]*\\):.*->\\([^:].*\\):.*/
>> export a=\\1 export b=\\2/"`
>> echo $a $b
>> ifconfig lo:1 $a
>> ifconfig lo:2 $b
>> echo press enter when emacs is alive
>> read
>> ifconfig lo:1 down
>> ifconfig lo:2 down
> Could someone take it up to the gnutls guys to try and figure out what's
> going on?

emacs is now handling encryption itself, I don't think any external
process is involved anymore. On an older emacs openssl or gnutls was
used, which allowed me to kill that process and get emacs back. This is
not possible anymore.

Furthermore, this is not necessarily related to encryption, I have no
way to know where emacs is stuck since C-g doesn't work.


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