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The X window system, yanking, and pasting using the mouse

From: Manoj Srivastava
Subject: The X window system, yanking, and pasting using the mouse
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 18:31:16 -0800
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        I have read the archives of this mailing list, and the release
 notes of the latest release candidate, and I am left somewhat
 confused. I am using the latest Emacs from Git. 

This is what I have:
--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
  transient-mark-mode   t                  ;show the marked region
  ;;; Behave like other X applications. This is confusing.
  x-select-enable-primary   t
  x-select-enable-clipboard t   ;;; cut/paste use clipboard
  select-active-regions 'only   ;;; temporarily active regions set the
                                ;;; window selection.
  mouse-drag-copy-region t      ;;; copy dragged region to kill ring
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

 What I want is the  behaviour I think I used to have in Emacs on
 GNU/Linux X Windows:
  1) Whatever text is pasted when I click <down-mouse-2>
     (mouse-yank-primary?) should be the same thing yanked when I type
     C-y (yank)
  2) Conversely, text that is selected in Emacs, such that it is
     inserted with a C-y (yank) should also be the text that is pasted
     into, say, an xterm when I do a middle mouse click in there.

        I often find that text selected in other X applications (which
 is inserted in xterms and Emacs  using the middle mouse button, is not
 what is yanked using the keyboard. I cannot seem to reproduce this
 reliably, but I have observed this often.

        In Emacs, I select text by:
 1) C-SPC (set-mark-command)  C-f C-f M-w (kill-ring-save)
 2) Down-mouse-1 drag-mouse-1 up-mouse-one (mouse-drag-region)
 3) Down-mouse-1 Down-mouse-3 (mouse-save-then-kill

        I would like each of these methods to copy things over so that a
 middle mouse click in an xterm to paste the text in the region.

        What changes do I need to make to get this?

New systems generate new problems.
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