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Re: Symbol's chain of function indirections contains a loop

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Symbol's chain of function indirections contains a loop
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 20:54:45 +0200

> From: Tassilo Horn <address@hidden>
> Cc: Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>,  address@hidden
> Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 18:44:35 +0100
> Christoph <address@hidden> writes:
> >> Some of the messages are about vc-pull.
> >> The bootstrap hangs completely when it comes to compile vc.el.
> >> Anyone else sees this?
> >
> > Yes, make bootstrap hangs for me on the following line:
> >
> > Wrote d:/devel/emacs/emacs-bzr/trunk/lisp/vc/vc-svn.elc
> Mine went through without a problem an a GNU/Linux bug.  Maybe it's some
> windows-only issue?

Maybe, but I'd appreciate any ideas how this could happen.

For now, I've narrowed this down to the following command:

  "./../bin/emacs.exe" -batch --no-site-file --no-site-lisp -l loaddefs  -f 
batch-byte-compile-if-not-done expand.el

When this command is issued in the lisp/ subdirectory, it fails with
emacs.exe that is the one produced by the first build during the
bootstrap (see the `bootstrap-temacs' and `bootstrap-emacs' targets in
src/makefile.w32-in), but succeeds if I do the same with an Emacs
binary that is built normally.  The only difference between these two
binaries is that the former is built with -DPURESIZE=5000000, while
the latter uses PURESIZE defined on puresize.h.

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