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RE: GNU Emacs theme submission

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: GNU Emacs theme submission
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 10:49:43 -0800

> If Emacs developers could look through the list at
>   http://elpa.gnu.org/themes/view.html
> and recommend some of them for inclusion, I can contact their authors
> and ask if they're willing to contribute.
> One problem is that people have submitted an awful lot of
> dark-background themes, and hardly any light-background ones.

Attached is a light-background theme that is similar to what I use.

The background is closer to light than dark, but it works pretty well with a
range of foregrounds and backgrounds from light to dark.  HTH.


BTW, it's not real clear how someone is supposed to submit a theme that goes
beyond the choices available with the theme generator at
http://elpa.gnu.org/themes/ - that is, how to send an existing theme file.

The instructions there just say to mail the file to emacs-devel.  Is that really
what you want?  No special mail address or subject line?

Why not let users upload an existing theme file to http://elpa.gnu.org/themes/,
as an alternative to letting them generate a theme there?  You have a download
button already; why not add upload?

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