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Re: attribute warn_unused_result

From: Chad Brown
Subject: Re: attribute warn_unused_result
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 12:42:35 -0800

On Feb 3, 2011, at 11:33 AM, Paul Eggert wrote:

Gnulib's ignore-value module is designed for that.  I installed
the following:

..and it broke the W32 and nextstep builds (at least) again.

I appreciate the ideas behind the gnulib inclusion, but it seems to be causing
a lot more broken builds than we saw before.  What can we do to fix this?

I get the general impression via the 50+ message thread about DOS port
compatibility that the gnulib people are mostly unwilling to make efforts
to avoid breaking the emacs build.  Is this the case, or are we simply seeing
bad luck?

So far, the features of gnulib have not seemed to be worth the trouble.


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