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Re: can we please define a face for compile.el mouseover?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: can we please define a face for compile.el mouseover?
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 21:32:00 -0500
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>> > Can we please define a face to be used for the `mouse-face' 
>> > property in the `compile.el' code?
>> Why do you want a different mouse-face in compile.el than elsewhere?
> I want users to _be able_ to customize mouseover appearance
> differently in one context from another.  I don't want to _require_
> them to use different faces any more than I want to require them to
> use the same face (the case today, and not even customizable).

I understand, the question is about *you* as a user.

> In my own case, I want mouseover in compilation/grep buffers to just
> underline the text.  But I generally want mouseover to use face
> `highlight' elsewhere.

So, can you explain why?  Also, is that really the only case where you
want mouse-face to look different?

> Users should be able to do it by _customizing_ the particular face
> used for mouseover in the particular context.  Why complicate things
> unnecessarily?  One might be able to use face remapping here and there
> all over the place to simulate face customization, but why?

Because adding umpteen customization variables for all the cases where
some user might want to change a face makes no sense.  So if there's
a good reason why this particular case is likely to happen to many
users, a customization variable might be justified, but otherwise having
a generic solution (e.g. face-remapping) seems quite sufficient.


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