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From: Drew Adams
Subject: color.el
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 16:23:00 -0800

I thought that `hexrgb.el' and `color-lab.el' were going to be merged.
I suggested the name `color.el' for the combination, which was accepted.
See the thread, from 2010/11:

Instead, it seems that all that has happened so far is that `color-lab.el' was
renamed `color.el'.  AFAICT there is nothing from `hexrgb.el' in the file.  In
addition, Yidong mentioned moving `read-color' there, but that has not been done
yet either.

I've merged the two libraries now, moved `read-color' to it, and cleaned things
up (e.g. doc).  When there was overlap I kept the best version (e.g. most
precise or most general).  I did not include anything from `eyedropper.el' (e.g.
for `read-color').

Attached is the result, both a patch from the latest `color.el' and the new
result.  (`read-color' also needs to be removed from `faces.el' - I did not
include that patch.)

Attachment: color-2011-02-16.patch
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