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Re: CC, CFLAGS, and -m32 [was Re: Pretest compilation problem]

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: CC, CFLAGS, and -m32 [was Re: Pretest compilation problem]
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 09:28:14 -0800
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On 02/16/2011 07:16 PM, Glenn Morris wrote:
I've seen this advertized elsewhere, and it's off-topic for Emacs, but
can you explain this to me?

It's to cater to a common usage, where one does
"configure CC='cc -m32'; [edit]; make CFLAGS=-g".

"configure" may decide to use "-g -O2", but you may find it easier
to compile with plain -g than with -g -O2, because it's easier to debug
code that isn't optimized.

If instead you use "configure CC=cc CFLAGS=-m32", it's more of
a pain: "configure" won't set all the CFLAGS for you, and when
you run "make" yourself you need to say "make CFLAGS='-m32 -g'".

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