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Issue with make-temp-file on Windows

From: Fabian Ezequiel Gallina
Subject: Issue with make-temp-file on Windows
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 02:56:33 -0300

I think I just found some issue with make-temp-file.

While this function does the right thing, it seems on Windows it
returns the path with forward slashes instead of backward ones.

>From what I can see from this bug report[0], this is happening right
now on Windows:

(make-temp-file "test")
=> C:/Windows/Temp/test3044XRQ

While this should be:

(make-temp-file "test")
=> C:\Windows\Temp\test3044XRQ

Is this intended or is it a bug?

If it is intended, is it a portable way I could translate the slashes correctly?

Thanks in advance,
Fabián E. Gallina

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