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Re: Input method or help feature needed

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Input method or help feature needed
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 17:41:19 +0900

address@hidden writes:
>> Yeah you need to know or guess part of the name, but the unicode
>> names are reasonably well chosen, pretty regular, and all you need to
>> know is _part_ of it; once you can guess that, it's often easy to
>> narrow the number of choices enough to choose from the completion
>> list...  (often I'll guess a number of common terms for something,
>> and get a hit after 2-3)
> As an additional thought: this won't work for non-English speakers,
> right?

I'd think of it like a programming language -- it's nominally "English",
but of a rather limited and regular sort.

Can you think of any mechanism that both completely avoids naming and
covers the entire unicode space though?

Well... maybe "M-x list-charset-chars RET unicode-bmp RET"...


Infancy, n. The period of our lives when, according to Wordsworth, 'Heaven
lies about us.' The world begins lying about us pretty soon afterward.

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