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[PATCH] iCalendar export of diary-float and retaining uid created by e.g

From: Niels Giesen
Subject: [PATCH] iCalendar export of diary-float and retaining uid created by e.g. org-mode
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011 13:22:47 +0100
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Attached are two patches to icalendar.el, and one to org-icalendar.el
(to illustrate the first icalendar patch, see below).

1. The first is a patch to `icalendar--create-uid', to read out a uid
from a text-property on the first character in the entry. This allows
for code to add its own uid to the entry.

For instance org-mode uses icalendar export to export some diary-*
entries in org-mode buffers, but creates and stores uids itself,
possibly allowing for two-way synchronization between ical and org-mode.

I have already provided a patch storing the org-mode uids to the
org-mode mailing list. Bastien Guerry has been so kind to test this
patch together with the patches to icalendar.el and said they worked

2. The second patch adds export of `diary-float'-entries save for those
with the optional DAY argument.

The current date is used as the start date (but excluded (using EXDATE)
if the current date does not match the `diary-float' arguments).

NOTE that the use of the current date as the start date is quite
arbitrary, in the same way as the start dates for weekly and yearly
events are arbitrary. It might be wise to bring the behaviour for these
different entries more in line with each other, perhaps leaving the user
a choice via customization.


Niels Giesen

PS: I hope I have attached the files in the correct manner, as I am new
to this list.

Attachment: 0001-Pick-up-uid-that-may-have-been-set-by-another-applic.patch
Description: Read out uid from text-property

Attachment: 0002-Export-diary-float-entries.patch
Description: Export diary-float entries

Attachment: 0001-Add-uid-text-property-to-diary-entries.patch
Description: Add uid text property to diary-entries in org-mode

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