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Re: user-controlled load-path extension: load-dir

From: Dimitri Fontaine
Subject: Re: user-controlled load-path extension: load-dir
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 18:23:12 +0100
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Tom Tromey <address@hidden> writes:
> Your use case is completely solved by package.el.  First, package el-get
> as a package (trivial).  Second, have an autoload cookie in el-get that
> loads the code from some directory.
> Why do you think you need anything more?

I'm thinking I need much less than all that.

Then I've been trying to follow your advice and turn el-get into a
proper Emacs package, as that's easy enough, right?  Turns out not to

Given the following (or some variations, all based upon reading (info
"(elisp) Packaging Basics") and (info "(elisp) Library Headers"), then
the describe-function of `version-to-list' and helpers):

;; Version: 1.2~dev
;; Package-Version: 1.2+alpha1

All I get from `package-install-from-buffer' is: Package does not define
a usable "Version" or "Package-Version" header.

It seem to me that the function `package-strip-rcs-id' is buggy from
failing to use `version-to-list' and instead invents its own regexp to
match the version identifier, then returns nil which gets into an error.

I'm still thinking that a simple directory where to put files to be
loaded would be a good feature, independently of how I will fix the
el-get-installer automatic bootstrap.


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