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Annoying window/frame-configuration registers

From: Leo
Subject: Annoying window/frame-configuration registers
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 23:51:43 +0800
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I wonder if someone has any idea why window/frame-configuration
registers also restore point in the current buffer. For me, that makes
them nearly useless. I have also talked with two other active Emacs
users/authors in #emacs and they are already using a replacement.

For example, assume I set up Emacs windows/frames for a writing task. I
like the setup and it takes a few seconds to arrange it. So I save the
configuration to a register. As I progress with my writing, something
destroys the window/frame layout. When I restore the layout by C-x r j,
I find the point move to a surprising spot.

I think the frame/window configuration registers are doing too much by
restoring point. Any objection to changing that behaviour? Thanks


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