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Re: Completion: minibuffer.el vs comint.el

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Completion: minibuffer.el vs comint.el
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2011 17:18:02 +0200
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>> The dedicated window method works well for displaying a buffer in a
>> separate frame or a new window.
> But that's exactly what we do currently: mark the window dedicated if
> and only if the window was created for this buffer.
>> It can't be used when a window is reused for displaying the buffer.
> Indeed we don't mark it dedicated when we reuse a window.
>> In my branch `display-buffer' always records the previous state and
>> burying the buffer or quitting the window conveniently restores the
>> previous state.
> Not sure what "state" this includes, so maybe it's a good idea, but
> I haven't seen many complaints about the current behavior in this respect.

The previous "state" for a reused window is that window's buffer, window
start, and window point at the time it was replaced by `display-buffer'.
This amounts to all the things we currently restore when quitting a help


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