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Re: list-processes reimplementation, and list/menu buffers

From: Leo
Subject: Re: list-processes reimplementation, and list/menu buffers
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2011 09:06:32 +0800
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Hello Yidong,

On 2011-04-04 08:48 +0800, Chong Yidong wrote:
> I took a look at the list-processes reimplementation.  It looks OK, but
> there's no real reason we should display the same buffer contents as the
> old list-processes.  Instead, it seems to make sense to provide
> something similar to the list-packages and list-buffers interface.
> I took some code from your emacs-process.el, and reworked it using the
> list-packages code from package.el.  Unlike emacs-process.el, this
> doesn't use the CL package, so it can be added to simple.el.
> However, it would be cleaner to make a new `list-menu-mode' major mode,
> usable for general "list of stuff" buffers.  Then both the list-packages
> and list-processes can derive from that major mode.  With a bit more
> work, list-buffers could use it too.  I will investigate this approach.

Thanks for the work. I will try it out later today.

It seems list-processes no longer cleans up dead processes. How about
adding something like:

  (mapc (lambda (p)
        (when (memq (process-status p) '(exit signal closed))
          (delete-process p)))

towards the end of list-processes in the patch?¹

Also, some people ask to be able to visit process buffers. Maybe we
should also bind RET to visit the process buffer under point?

¹  http://article.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.devel/136367


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