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Re: patch for completion in octave

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: patch for completion in octave
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 13:32:47 -0300
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>> So, could you try the patch below instead for a little while and see if
>> it fixes your problem (it should) and if it doesn't introduce
>> other issues?

> Your patch is also a good idea since it removes a code duplication,
> but besides fixing the original problem, it evinces that we have

>     (modify-syntax-entry ?. "w"   table)
>     (modify-syntax-entry ?_ "w"   table)

> in octave-mod.el, that makes M-f or M-b on something like

I've installed a patch which should fix this, along with the poriginal
completion problem in octave-inf.

> In the menu "Lookup Octave Index" does not work since info-lookup-mode
> is not set (maybe we should set lookup mode "globally" instead and
> remove octave-help?).

I've set info-lookup-mode in inferior-actave-mode indeed, so that the
standard binding for info-lookup-symbol (C-h S) works.

> There is also a problem with completion-addsuffix, since `v<Tab>'
> gives `var ' and now the user has to press DEL to continue with
> `.field' (btw, since the structure completion is possible, I added `.'
> into the skip pattern below).

The new code does not use comint's comint-dynamic-simple-complete but
also gets rid of the addsuffix.  This may not always be the right thing
to do (it's sometimes convenient to have the SPC suffix), but until we
can determine when it's good and when it's not, I'd rather not add any.


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