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Re: ERC completion

From: Antoine Levitt
Subject: Re: ERC completion
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 12:44:32 +0200
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28/04/11 02:18, Stefan Monnier
>> The change from 2011-04-26 13:50:09 by Stefan Monnier introduced the
>> following changes:
>> - Completion is now case-sensitive. I think the old behaviour was a
>>   better default (I know I highlight many people with capitalized nick)
> Hmm... oh I think I see where is the problem: erc-pcomplete.el sets
> pcomplete-ignore-case, but pcomplete-completions-at-point does not obey
> this variable.  The patch I just installed (attached) should fix it.

Yes, fixed, thanks.

>> - erc-complete-functions seems to be ignored, but is still documented as
>>   a variable. Could you mark it as obsolete and document how to get the
>>   same effect with the new framework?
> What makes you think it's ignored?

Sorry, it isn't ignored. But rather, erc-pcompletions-at-point always
return non-nil, even when it does not complete anything, so that my

  (setq erc-complete-functions '(erc-pcompletions-at-point

does not work as expected. (the intent is to have dabbrev take over if
I'm not completing a nick)

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