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Re: [PATCH] GnuTLS support on Woe32

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: [PATCH] GnuTLS support on Woe32
Date: Mon, 02 May 2011 14:47:40 -0500
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On Mon, 2 May 2011 21:38:52 +0200 Juanma Barranquero <address@hidden> wrote: 

JB> 2011/5/2 Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden>:
>> OK with me, just make sure you log it :)

JB> Hm, thanks for bringing this up.

>> My hope is that gnutls.el won't be used directly and
>> `open-network-stream' will be used instead, to avoid the mess of
>> starttls/gnutls-cli/openssl special process calls we had before.

JB> From a package developer's POV, how do you test whether GnuTLS is
JB> available with open-network-stream?

You shouldn't care generally, and if you do, network-stream.el should
provide the necessary introspection.  So I'll provide whatever
information network-stream.el needs, but want to avoid making gnutls.el
a standalone networking library.

>> So this problem is isolated to `open-network-stream' and Lars should
>> decide how he wants to handle it, IMO.  If he wants `gnutls-available-p'
>> I'll write it.

JB> Oh, that function is just

DEFUN ("gnutls-available-p", Fgnutls_available_p
       Sgnutls_available_p, 0, 0, 0,
       doc: /* Return t if GnuTLS is available in this Emacs session.  */)
  Lisp_Object found = Fassq (Qgnutls_dll, Vlibrary_cache);
  if (CONSP (found))
    return XCDR (found);
    return init_gnutls_functions () ? Qt : Qnil;
  return Qnil

I think that would return Qnil for non-WINDOWSNT cases?  And maybe it
should be called gnutls-dll-available-p, so then we can say

(defun gnutls-available-p ()
  (and (gnutls-dll-available-p)
       (fboundp 'gnutls-boot)


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