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Re: Emacs source snapshots

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Emacs source snapshots
Date: Wed, 04 May 2011 12:38:46 -0500
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On Wed, 04 May 2011 12:39:29 +0300 "Grigorios Bouzakis" <address@hidden> wrote: 

GB> Hello, is it possible to provide frequent source snapshots of the
GB> Emacs source tree? For example once a week? The git tree from github
GB> [1] [2] is currently > 700 mb, its getting bigger on each commit and
GB> pretty fast. I dont know how big the bzr tree currently is. It would
GB> be useful for people who dont want to get directly involved with Emacs
GB> development, but still want a very recent version of it. For most
GB> these people keeping track of commit history doesnt make sense.
GB> AFAIK there is an unofficial repository providing binary packages for
GB> Debian and Ubuntu packages [3] plus Ubuntu has emacs-snapshot in their
GB> universe repository but package is from 2009 [4]. Hopefully providing
GB> frequent snapshots of the sources tree will ease things for everyone
GB> as the Emacs sources without commit history are ~100mb. Anyone else
GB> finds this a good idea?

GB> [1]: https://github.com/emacsmirror/emacs
GB> [2]: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsFromGit
GB> [3]: http://emacs.naquadah.org
GB> [4]: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=emacs-snapshot

It's pretty trivial to export the source tree from Bazaar:

# also can use .zip and other formats, see "bzr export --help"
# exports latest revision by default

bzr export snapshot.tgz http://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/r/emacs/trunk/

That could be done nightly and hosted somewhere I guess.  For me it was
a large (700+ MB) download resulting in a 33MB tgz file so it definitely
makes sense for both the server load and the network transfer to host it.


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