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Re: linum.el: problem (bug ?) fix and improvement

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: linum.el: problem (bug ?) fix and improvement
Date: Fri, 13 May 2011 13:26:04 -0300
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>>> I have a case that I make unimportant text invisible temporarily, to
>>> know only important information.
>> Any reason why you don't use the ellipsis (see buffer-invisibility-spec)?
> I can't check the ellipsis easily, if `truncate-lines' is non-nil and
> the ellipsis text is truncated.

Indeed, that can be a problem.  Tho, if you make "foo\n" (as you seem to
do) invisible, the "..." will end up at the beginning of the line rather
than its end.  So it'll probably be too visible rather than not enough.

BTW, making "\nfoo" invisible instead of "foo\n" should circumvent the
current mis-numbering problem which your patch tries to circumvent.

> (In this case, I must scroll the window horizontally many times.)

C-e does the trick if you're on the right line.

> If linum-mode provides information about the invisible text, I can check
> the information very easily, I think.

I understand that it makes sense in your particular case, but it seems
too tightly linked to a particular use of invisible (and this particular
use of invisible is in turn tightly linked to linum in order to make it
bearable).  So I'm not convinced this belongs in linum.el as it stands.
OTOH maybe we could install a patch to linum.el that provides a hook
that you could use to add the same functionality.


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