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Re: merge-commits policy

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: merge-commits policy
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 16:50:57 -0300
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>> As would searching the ChangeLog rather than "bzr log".
> Unfortunately, only some of these updates are reflected in
> doc/misc/ChangeLog, and some aren't, so this is unreliable.

That's a problem that needs fixing, then.

>> Personally I would use C-x v l and/or C-x v g from the texinfo.tex buffer.

> "C-x v l" takes ages for veteran files (because texinfo.tex was
> "cvs mv"ed, it appears to have been born relatively recently, so it is
> spared this problem).  To be efficient, you need to run "bzr log" for
> a certain range of revisions.

> "C-x v g" is fine only the first time.  Once you find the latest
> revision that modified some line, and need to see the previous
> revisions that modified the same line, you need to find the exact
> revision number and use "-r before:", or else you will miss some of
> the change history, e.g. if there were more than one change on the
> branch before it was merged.

> Like I said: possible, but harder.

Yup.  These are problems with Bazaar (and/or with vc-bzr.el).

>> > different features and unrelated bugfixes.  If you regard any "sync
>> > from gnulib" as a single self-contained changeset, then at least it
>> > should be committed to mainline separately from other changes.
>> That would make sense, yes.  Although in the case of gnulib, most
>> "syncs" happen because we import yet another module, so it's OK to do
>> both "import foo module" and "sync" at the same time, but indeed, the
>> commit message should indicate that a sync with gnulib took place.
> Thanks, I hope this is acceptable.

It is.


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