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Re: Confusing "bzr log" as result of merges

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Confusing "bzr log" as result of merges
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 11:14:40 -0300
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> With the current trunk, type this command:
>   bzr log -l1 --line --include-merges src/xdisp.c
> You will see this as output:
>   104201: Glenn Morris 2011-05-12 [merge] Merge from emacs-23; up to r100577.
> However, neither "bzr status" nor "bzr diff" will show any changes for
> xdisp.c in that revision.  The reason, it seems, is this:
> What can we do to avoid this confusion as result of merges?

Easy: if it hurts, don't do it.
The log command you used does not tell you "the latest revision that
changed src/xdisp.c", so if you're looking for this latest revision, use
something else, like bzr annotate.

You can complain about the way we do current emacs-23 merges, but these
aren't really special (even though we use a few hacks in bzrmerge.el,
these are just to help resolve some of the conflicts that would arise
from a plain "bzr merge").

The same kind of problems will show up with many other merges.
The problem is not in the way those branches were handled or how the
merge was done: the problem is that the request you use will not tell
you quite what you're looking for (although it may occasionally do).


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