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Re: 5x5 Arithmetic solver

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: 5x5 Arithmetic solver
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 16:09:34 -0300
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>> Thanks.  Note that usually when you add a new functions, you can just
>> say "(fun1, fun2, fun3): New functions" without having to explain what
>> it does.
> Concerning the make-variable-local,

Beware: I'm talking about make-variable-buffer-local, which is different
(but I think it's what you want here).

> I had the feeling that it is slightly
> better practice to do an explicit "dolist"

I'm not sure I understand.
The way I see it, we could have a defvar-local macro, i.e. the
make-variable-buffer-local really belongs next to the
corresponding defvar.

> --- I think that it is what is done in org-mode for instance --- at it
> allows to set the variable at the same time.

If you do want to use make-local-variable rather than
make-variable-buffer-local, then the call to make-local-variable indeed
belongs together with the corresponding `set' (we could have
a setq-local macro for it).


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