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RE: `C-b' is backward-char, `left' is left-char - why?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: `C-b' is backward-char, `left' is left-char - why?
Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 17:39:52 -0700

> >> > Enabling (or disabling) as an option - is that impossible?
> >>
> >> Certainly not.  You can set the option like so:
> >> (global-set-key (kbd "<left>") 'backward-char)
> >
> > Not at all what I meant, as you no doubt know.
> I know, but is it worse than "(setq backward-is-always-left t)"?

Of course it is.  It affects only one command.  Presumably your option would
affect all or most of the commands that are directional.

The point was that the default bindings of various commands have come in sets,
and we are breaking up some of those sets.

Again, not the end of the world.
The question was whether this is necessary.

Besides, that's hardly the option I would opt for.
More like (setq bidify-emacs nil).
Or (setq bidi-hands-off-default-keys t).

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