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Re: Emacs24 Mobile

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: Emacs24 Mobile
Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 20:44:11 -0500
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On Sat, 28 May 2011 13:01:53 -0700 Mohsen BANAN <address@hidden> wrote: 

MB> a popup-info frame is customized to fit the handset's full
MB> screen. Then the frame is broken into a say 3x6 grid of buttons
MB> forming a set of nested menus.

MB> For now we can assume that there is no gesture in place and drive it
MB> all with popup frames and touch oriented menus (popup-menus).

That's fine.  Finger touches are just mouse events, right?  There will
have to be a `popup-info-maximized' version of my function that creates
a maximized frame.

Laying out the frame contents as a 3x6 grid of buttons is pretty easy,
too.  I don't think I should be going as far as actual UI and launchers
with my work yet, rather I'll try to provide some basic facilities that
can be customized for each screen size and user.

MB> In emacs we already have richer apps than iPhone, Android and
MB> WindowsMobile7 combined.

MB> So, it really is just a matter of rethinking the menu interface and
MB> desktop behavior on touch oriented small screens.

I'm glad you are looking in that direction.  My challenge will be to do
work that's generally useful, so both desktop users with large screens
and mobile users with small screens will benefit.  I'll keep your needs
in mind.


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