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Re: org-src.el begin_src/end_src fontification may have been broken rece

From: Štěpán Němec
Subject: Re: org-src.el begin_src/end_src fontification may have been broken recently
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 10:05:44 +0200
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Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sat, 11 Jun 2011 20:16:59 +0200 Julien Danjou <address@hidden> wrote: 
>>> Julien, are you using that extra ":" because it's legitimate?  Or is it
>>> an accident?  What should I do with my patch?
> JD> Ah yes, probably a mistake.

> JD> If you ask me, I'd say the syntax should allow both, but well, I admit I
> JD> do that mistake very often… :-)
> I'd say a mistake shouldn't break Gnus' article display :)  Can that be
> fixed in org.el or in Gnus?  It seems to me org.el is the right place.

What is there to fix in org.el? In Org, when you use some bogus
delimiter like #+begin_src:, the block simply won't work. If Gnus
article display is broken, it should obviously be fixed in Gnus, no?

BTW, if you can't remember the correct delimiters, why don't you make
yourself a template/skeleton or something? (In Org, typing `<s' and
pressing TAB will give you that, see (info "(org)Easy Templates").)


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