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Re: pop-to-buffer and friends new behavior or bug?

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: pop-to-buffer and friends new behavior or bug?
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2011 18:01:35 +0200
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Hi Martin,

martin rudalics <address@hidden> writes:

>>> with last emacs from trunk:
>>> split window
>>> do e.g C-h f defun
>>> now i have 3 windows
> Due to a downright silly default value of `display-buffer-alist', sorry.
> (Actually, the default value is what I used personally to test all sorts
> of strange cases.)  I'll fix that tomorrow.
>> Modification of display-buffer-alist seem to fix the problem for
>> pop-to-buffer
> That's great.  I didn't expect anyone even to try to understand this.
> Which values did you use?

That is ok now, except it doesn't honor 
(setq split-width-threshold nil)
The window is splitted | (vertically?)

>> but not for code that use switch-to-buffer-other-window.
> That's bad.  `switch-to-buffer-other-window' does call
> (pop-to-buffer buffer 'other-window norecord)
`switch-to-buffer-other-window' still not working as expected.
Maybe you can try ioccur.el and see what happen.
It is working as expected as it is, you will have to uncomment the line
with switch-to-buffer...(L964) and comment the next one
pop-to-buffer...(L965) In the function `ioccur'.

You can get it here
hg clone http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/ioccur
cd ../ioccur
hg update -C development

A+ Thierry
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