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Re: OS X Lion and "ApplePressAndHoldEnabled"

From: Tim Harper
Subject: Re: OS X Lion and "ApplePressAndHoldEnabled"
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 10:22:39 -0600

> I can't find any documentation around the setting, any where. I received the 
> tip from a kind gentlemen on IRC (who then invited me to champion the change 
> myself, because for employer related reasons he's unable to). 
> I do know that press and hold is a new feature of OS X Lion.  If I hold the 
> letter i, for example, I get a popup prompting to insert one of the 
> following: "î ï í ī į ì" .
> Terminal.app / MacVim.app don't inherit the new default (maybe the MacVim 
> developers knew it was coming? I don't know).  I guess the apple developers 
> figured you don't really need to hold down a letter and have it repeat a 
> whole ton of times, which probably in 99% of use cases, they're right.
> Tim

I've added the work-around to the wiki.  I suppose it can saturate there until 
the community decides to include it.  I speculate there will be a whole wave of 
Emacs users asking this question once OS X Lion is released.



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