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Re: HTML5 the new lisp ?

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: HTML5 the new lisp ?
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 13:09:18 +0200
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Am 01.08.2011 15:50, schrieb address@hidden:
Lars Ingebrigtsen<address@hidden>  writes:

Dimitri Fontaine<address@hidden>  writes:

The idea that grows in my head is to have all the emacs rendering done
using webkit.

I think a more fruitful path would be to make the Emacs rendering engine
stronger so that we could allow real wysiwyg editing as well as nice
HTML rendering.

Of course, I'm not volunteering to rewrite the Emacs rendering engine.

Well. The current display engine is not too bad at what it does. It
caters to a lot of usecases. Extending it to allow embedding of more
object types as is done in the Xwidget branch is IMHO a logical extension.

Extending the Emacs display engine so it allows for all aspects of all
webstandards is not reasonable. Improving it so that SHR for instance
can do a better job is another matter and quite reasonable.

Making a new port of Emacs to the HTML5 canvas might also be
reasonable. OTOH the gains and ease of doing this should not be
overstated. For instance, when I implemented the pretty basic Emacs
paradigm of splitting Emacs windows in two for the webkit xwidget, I had
to do a lot of GTK level hacking, rendering to offscreen bitmaps and
copying to multiple on-screen destinations. I haven't seen any mainstream
browser do this in fact. So, a html5 canvas is still just a canvas even
if its new and shiny and doesn't automatically give us all the stuff we
take for granted with Emacs.


tried to check out that way:

bzr branch bzr://bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/xwidget


bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.

Net is ok, sending this mail thereupon,

any idea?



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