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Re: php-mode

From: Ren
Subject: Re: php-mode
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 23:35:34 -0400

On Tue, 2011-08-02 at 19:40 +0200, Lennart Borgman wrote:
> After following this for quite some time I wonder if it is not much
> less work to just rewrite php-mode.el from scratch than to try to
> get copyright assignment from all authors? (Those parts that are
> made by authors who have signed papers can be copied. Some parts are
> trivial and can therefor be copied. Etc.)

I have considered this as well.  The idea of trying to get the
necessary copyright assignments from people seems very difficult when
all you have to go on is a name like ‘Ryan’.

I want there to be a version of php-mode.el that can go into the GNU
ELPA, because when I introduce my programming friends to Emacs a major
mode for PHP is often one of the first things they want.  The way
things are now, they go to a site like the Emacs Wiki and see a
variety of modes and are not sure which to pick.

More and more I am beginning to think Lennart may be right in saying
that it would be less work to rewrite php-mode.el from scratch.  If
the community at large agrees, then I will personally volunteer to
write and maintain the code.  Does anyone else think this is a better
route to pursue?


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