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Re: Merged Org 7.7

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Merged Org 7.7
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2011 17:55:32 -0400
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The following people have changes that are not marked as tiny, but they
don't seem (at first sight) to have copyright assignments. It's possible
that they have them, but the file copyright.list does not show them, AFAICS.

Achim Gratz
Ethan Ligon
Jan Seeger
Jason Dunsmore
Nick Dokos
Pieter Praet
Remi Vanicat
Robert P. Goldman
Sean O'Halpin
Suvayu Ali
Sebastien Delafond

The following ChangeLog entries seem broken/incomplete:

No description of which files were changed:

2011-07-28  Suvayu Ali  <address@hidden>

            * Mention use of keywords like multicolumn and float

            * Remove previous mention of hack with placement option as per
              comments on the mailing list. The hack is better suited
              for Worg.

2011-07-28  Ethan Ligon  <address@hidden>

            * Illustration of bug in html export - This has a space after the


2011-07-28  Bastien Guerry  <address@hidden>

            * 2011
            ** 2011-02 monthname
            *** 2011-02-13 dayname

Associated files not in Emacs:

2011-07-28  David Maus  <address@hidden>

            * test-org-html.el (test-org-html/export-link-alist): New
            variable. Abstract link export test definition.
2011-07-28  David Maus  <address@hidden>

            * org-test.el (org-test-strip-text-props): New function.
              Strip text properties.

Missing `.el':

2011-07-28  Nicolas Goaziou  <address@hidden>

            * org-exp (org-export-preprocess-string): normalize
              footnotes before marking lists ending.

2011-07-28  Nicolas Goaziou  <address@hidden>

            * org-list (org-cycle-item-indentation): do not break an

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