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Re: No sources for lisp/international/uni-*.el?

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: No sources for lisp/international/uni-*.el?
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2011 20:23:11 -0400

    > Since these files are not under the GPL, we are not leading anyone to
    > violate the GPL.  So there is no legal issue, but there remains an
    > ethical issue: is it wrong for a release to contain generated files
    > made from sources that are distributed separately?

    In case you answer "yes", you must include the gcc-sources as well.

That is mistaken -- nothing in Emacs is generated from source files in
GCC, so GCC is not part of the sorce code of Emacs.  Perhaps you have
overlooked the distinction between the source files and tools.

    Would the GPL say politely: please do, it's recommended, than it's fine 
    for sure.

If you want to criticize the GPL, please do it in
address@hidden, not here.

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