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Custom themes: safe themes

From: Edward O'Connor
Subject: Custom themes: safe themes
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2011 10:52:29 -0700


When I first tried to load my Emacs-23-compatible Custom theme in a
nightly build of Emacs 24, I was prompted with "Loading a theme can run
Lisp code. Really load?" Since I wrote the theme myself, I'd like to
prevent this prompt.

The `custom-safe-themes' mechanism doesn't really work for me, because
different machines might have different versions of the theme installed.
I'd really rather not carry around N sha1 hashes in my .emacs file, and
I don't want to get prompted anew whenever I happen to make a change in
the theme.

So I guess I have to use the (new) NO-CONFIRM argument to `load-theme'.
Because I use the same .emacs across all machines & have different Emacs
versions installed in different places, the only safe way to call
`load-theme' with this argument looks to be:

                     (condition-case nil
                         (load-theme 'foo t)
                        (load-theme 'foo)))

This is kind of gross. It would be nice if `custom-safe-themes' had a
way to bless all versions of some theme, instead of requiring a
different entry per version.

(Actually, I ended up not even using `load-theme' to load my theme, but
for another reason which I'll detail in my next email.)


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