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Re: window.el modify current emacs23 behavior of anything.

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: window.el modify current emacs23 behavior of anything.
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 18:36:32 +0200
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martin rudalics <address@hidden> writes:

>> point doesn't move when trying to switch to a buffer at an other
>> position than the current one, when starting with `anything-samewindow'
>> enabled.
>> This is working fine in emacs23 but not here in last trunk.
>> Would be great to have same behavior as emacs23.
> Hopefully behaves as in emacs23 now.  Please try again.

I could get an internet connection and pull Emacs today.
Nothing have changed, the bug is always here.
The problem is the call of `bury-buffer' in `anything-cleanup'.
`bury-buffer' called with arg works as expected (It's why it was working
in your old anything of June), but fail when called with no arg.
I need to call it with no arg to be sure anything-buffer is removed from
it's window in some other use cases (e.g a dedicated window in another

So writing something like:

(if anything-samewindow (bury-buffer anything-window) (bury-buffer))

Fix this issue but create annoyances in other cases.

The best for me would be to use:


This works as expected in Emacs23 in all use cases.

A+ Thierry
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