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Re: `isearch-allow-scroll' - a misnomer and a bad design

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: `isearch-allow-scroll' - a misnomer and a bad design
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 09:58:43 -0400

    Alan's "proposal" wrt scrolling is not a proposal.  It has been part of 
    since 2003/2/24, according to a comment in isearch.el.  Blame its admission 
    the Emacs maintainer back then, I guess. ;-)

    It is a user _option_, and by default the behavior is the one you prefer.
    (FWIW, I prefer the same behavior as you for this: `C-v' exits Isearch.)

Since the default was not change, I have nothing against it.
I may have been the one to approve it, at that period.

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