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Re: OAuth2 implementation in Elisp

From: Julien Danjou
Subject: Re: OAuth2 implementation in Elisp
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 14:56:20 +0200
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On Sun, Sep 25 2011, Ted Zlatanov wrote:

> Could you format it to wrap the long lines?

Long? What's the limit? The longest is 122, which does not seem long to
me in 2011.

> Some usage examples would be nice.

Sure, I'll may be add, but the commentary should be enough for anybody
to start using it. :)

> I don't think you are encoding URL parameters so your URLs are not
> safely constructed.  I think the url libraries have functions for that;
> you could also submit a POST (if OAuth2 supports it, I don't know the
> spec) so you don't have to encode things at all.

It is a POST request for the authorization request. And about encoding,
I'm not sure there's actually a problem, but if you could point me on a
specific point I'd be glad to take a look.

> Can `oauth2-request-authorization' be automated so the user doesn't have
> to enter a string they see on the screen?  That seems painful.

If Emacs was a Web app, yes.

Julien Danjou

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