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Re: Custom themes and precedence

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Custom themes and precedence
Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 22:04:30 -0400
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>>> I customized default-frame-alist in the theme for machine X... which
>>> worked fine until I customized default-frame-alist "non-themedly"
>>> somewhere else.  That caused the new setting to go into the "user" theme
>>> *which takes precedence over all others*.  That last bit isn't working
>>> out so well for my use-case.  Should this usage be accomodated, is it
>>> outside the intended applications of themes, or...?
>> Non-theme customization settings are intended to take precedence over
>> theme settings.  The idea is that if you load a theme that's not written
>> by you, it is easy to use Customize to override some of its settings.
> I guess the question is, what about themes that *are* written by me,
> that I may want to switch on or off programmatically?

One approach is to encourage such users to put all their customizations
into themes (i.e. avoid the "user" theme).


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