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Re: Sound in Emacs

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: Sound in Emacs
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2011 10:26:56 +0900

chad writes:

 > There is a big UX difference between using emacs to manage a music
 > collection, adding ui sounds to gnus, and using emacs to figure out
 > that sound/892794.ogg is `ding' while sound/234676.ogg is `quack'.

And none of those really require internal support AFAICS.  But that's
not what I would want Emacs support for.

The thing is, I'm a console-oriented kinda guy, and I find the lack of
imagination, not to mention documentation, of the people who design
GUIs really off-putting and constraining.  Take Audacity (which is a
fine application in most respects).  I use it to record lectures and
things like that, but what I would *really* like is a way to insert
markers from the keyboard -- the idea being to mark at each change of

Similarly for WYSIWYG draw programs.  Most of my drawing needs are
pretty simple: flow charts and things like that.  And the sizes etc
are usually easily computed, or pretty standard.

The applications do allow creation of macros and things like that, but
it requires a lot more effort than I want to put in to learn the
specifics.  Whipping up UIs (modes and keymaps) for that kind of thing
is something Emacs Lisp is really good for.

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