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Re: Rethinking count-words-region

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Rethinking count-words-region
Date: Sun, 09 Oct 2011 00:12:14 +0300
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> It happens to still hang around from a time when there were more keys
> to spare and fewer useful commands that we might want to bind.

A good way to make more available keybindings is to turn an existing key
into the key prefix like:

`M-= ='   count-stats
`M-= w'   count-words
`M-= l'   count-lines
`M-= c'   count-chars

`M-= r w'   count-region-words
`M-= r l'   count-region-lines
`M-= r c'   count-region-chars

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