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RE: smtp crap

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: smtp crap
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 15:00:27 -0700

> and please, DO NOT jump through all sorts of hoops with -Q to enable
> 'special' configuration settings to exist - the whole idea of -Q is
> that it is a base, well known and repeatable configuration. Once you
> start making exceptions that whole premise is lost.
> Using -Q should allow me to have exactly the same configuration as
> someone else who also runs -Q - it should not be 'the same
> configuration except for ....'


> If this means that users cannot submit bugs using emacs as their
> MUA when running -Q it does not mean we need to hack at custom or make
> exceptions - it means that email is not the right solution for
> submitting bug messages when running under -Q.

I acknowledge your "IF", Tim, but I disagree that we should accept a situation
where users cannot send bug reports using email.  Of course, to do so they need
_some_ way of sending email, but it does not follow that they need to use Emacs
as that way.  They should be able to compose the bug report in Emacs and send it
any way they want and can.

> By all means, allow it for other contexts, even make it the
> default for people who do configure emacs as their MUA, but not
> when running under -Q and not for those who do not configure emacs
> as a their MUA.


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