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RE: smtp crap

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: smtp crap
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 20:22:53 -0700

> > I cannot speak for Posix platforms nowadays, but I do know 
> > that almost every Windows box out there has its mail client set up
> Considering the increasing popularity of webmail, this may not be true
> anymore.

Really?  Is that in relative terms?  Numbers of emails sent per...?

> Also, I don't like the argument that we should treat Windows users
> differently from users on other platforms, just because they 
> are likely to use some proprietary mail client.

So now non-GNU-Emacs means "proprietary"?  Gonfl├ęs, we are.

Here is Wikipedia's list of email clients:

Is Gnus the only one of them that you bless with the holy baptismal water of
"freeness"?  Shall we load the cannons and blast the bejesus out of Thunderbird,
Mutt, and Seamonkey?

> In that context, offering to set up Emacs for sending email
> is actually good, if it encourages less dependence on such
> mail clients.

So this _is_ about pushing people to use Emacs/Gnus for email.  The word
"misguided" comes to mind...  I guess this is what a little Gnus can do to you.
("This is your Emacs.  And this is your Emacs on Gnus...")

"Offer" to set up Emacs for sending mail all you want, but please keep the
SPECIAL OFFER!!! stuff under wraps.  Let users actually come looking for it
before you "offer" it to them, please.  (What exciting popups are in store for
us in Emacs 24.2?)

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