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Emacs bzr memory footprint

From: Carsten Mattner
Subject: Emacs bzr memory footprint
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 11:24:25 +0200

I've been wondering whether it's normal for Emacs to start with
10 or 20 megs and stay at ~100 megs after opening and closing
multiple buffers.

I do use ido and a couple other common modes/libs for various
features or programming languages. Nothing fancy, really.
I can try to test with no custom config, but won't be able to use
it for real work, just letting it idle.

Is this in the normal footprint or way out of place when
Emacs sits there idling with not a single buffer open.

Emacs versions in use are Linux with X but no toolkit and
Cocoa Emacs, both from bzr.

Does Emacs have some kind of memory reclaim or gc mechanism?

Speaking about memory, I've always wondered why mmap is listed
as not enabled by configure. Is it something which is experimental
or detrimental?



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