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Re: Git mirrors

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Git mirrors
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 10:00:04 -0400

    Please note that these are /my/ opinions and not those of FSF.  I don't
    represent the FSF in any capacity.

I think you explained the issues well, for the most part.
But there are actually two separate issues here: free software vs
open source, and GNU vs non-GNU.

Linux illustrates the difference in philosophy between free software
and open source.  Torvalds' version of Linux tries to install many
nonfree programs, and even contains some (the "binary blobs").  Thus,
it isn't all free software.  It isn't even all open source.
This is not hypocrisy on Torvalds' part, because his "open source"
philosophy doesn't say that this is wrong.  It is wrong from our point
of view, however.  This is why we maintain Linux Libre.

However, git is a different case.  It is entirely free software, as
far as I know (please correct me if that isn't so).  Thus, we don't
criticize it, and we're not against it.

Git is simply a rival.  We are not against it, but GNU Project
activities ought to promote the GNU package for this job.

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