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Re: Multithreading, again and again

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Multithreading, again and again
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 11:09:29 -0600
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>>>>> ">" == SAKURAI Masashi <address@hidden> writes:

>> Actually, many scripting language could not get true concurrency by
>> the appended thread feature, such as Perl's ithread, ruby's thread,
>> python's one and so on. They have the GIL problem.

Yeah.  On my branch, Emacs also has the GIL problem.
I don't consider it a big deal, since Emacs is also not a high
performance system.

>> Multi-threading and GUI is very sensitive topic. 
>>   Multithreaded toolkits: A failed dream? | Java.net
>>   http://weblogs.java.net/blog/kgh/archive/2004/10/multithreaded_t.html
>> I think this problem exists in Emacs too.

Emacs doesn't have this problem in the classic way, because most GUI
operations in Emacs Lisp are actually side effects of buffer- or keymap-


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